GSS - Glamox
Sales support system with file/quotation/order module - GSS


 Development tools/technology

Every GSS user has a complete database for his market, which replicates towards a common database. This provides very flexible connection to a common database. The program gives an overview over articles, contacts/customers, employees and files,  including fax, mail, quotation, order etc.

Orders will be placed in Baan. GSS also has an order enquiry module for orders stored in Baan. GSS is now being converted to .Net-plattform.

  •  Visual Basic                       
  •  MS Access
  •  Sybase SQL Anywhere    
  •  Sybase System 11
  •  Baan
  •  VB.Net


GSS - Glamox Sales Support - Glamox' CRM system

After selecting user the main menu is displayed

Contact/Customer file

All entry, maintenance and querying of contacts and customers is performed in this window.When a contact is upgraded to a customer, the customer no is entered. After this the central BAAN system will handle maintenance of customer information.

Contact persons

Each Contact/Customer can have an unlimited number of contact persons. Each contact person is registered with contact info and internal notes.Contacts/Contact persons can be given Direct Mail profiles.

Contacts - Statistics

Displays statistics of different contact types for chosen contact/customer

Printout of contact list

Example of one of the printouts in GSS. All reports are displayed in a preview window. They can then be printed or exported.

Report export

All reports can be printed or exported. They can be exported in PDF, RTF or RTF formats. Reports can then be zipped and mailed to contacts or others

File module

The File module is the central part of GSS. Here all contact- or customer-related activities are recorded. File types can be letters, quotations, followups, orders etc. Each file is given a status and followup data. The system is used in each country where Glamox is represented, and has to handle languages, currencies, logos etc. Textual information is entered with an integrated

File module - Letter

Letter type Files are edited using an integrated RTF editor. Frequently used texts are saved in a text library .Quotations can be transformed to Orders, or Orders can be entered directly in the Order module. GSS has a lot of other features, like- article search with price calculator- employee register- Setup windows- Statistics of orders and quotations- A very sophisticated product
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